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Sean Scott Photography and Ocean Art

Coastal Visions Photography 

Sean Scott Photography is a coastal photographic gallery with 2 locations based in Coolangatta and Burleigh Heads Australia. Sean is a Gold Coast photographer and local and has been surrounded by stunning coastline his whole life which has inspired him to capture the landscape in surf photos, ocean photos, beach panoramas and much more.

As a surfer himself Sean has really tried to bring his two passions to life: The surf and photography. Straying away from the more mainstream competition circuit his collection is an eclectic mix of sunsets and sunrises, the classic lines of the surf and takes you inside the barrels of some of the worlds greatest wave photography.

Sean's first gallery opened up in the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade, Burleigh Heads in 2003. It soon grew from the family run business to a thriving surf art gallery with a hint of retro feel. The second gallery based in Coolangatta overlooks the world famous Snapper line up. Opening at the start of 2008 with the same Sean Scott feel, it’s also home to Slide Cafe, a wonderful place to browse the photo catalogues, have a bite to eat or watch the sun set over the beach with a glass of wine.

Both galleries hold an extensive range of surf films, coffee table books, cd's, Rhythm, Insight and Shortstraw clothes, Havaianas, Cabarita, Sole surfer's Urban Rituelle, surfboards and of course Sean Scott's collection. Sean has always believed in delivering the highest quality pictures on canvas, in frames and some instances on Dick Van Straalen Surfboards using the best quality materials that highlight his remarkable work.

Please feel free to have a look around the web site, go to our contacts page if you have any inquires or alternatively come into one of our beachside Gold Coast galleries and soak up the environment.

"My aim is to be in the perfect place at the perfect time. There is something special in capturing these waves of energy that have resulted from natures fury and then travelled 1000's of kilometres to reach our shoreline to be met by a surfer who dances with them to the end" Sean Scott